How much does foundation repair cost?

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This can vary depending on the specific foundation problem. Typically, foundation repair costs average between $2,000-$9,000. However, some smaller jobs may be less than $2,000 and some larger projects could be well over $10,000. Learn More Here.

How long will it take to repair my foundation?

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This varies. Fixing a foundation crack may take only a few hours, but finding solutions to bowing or leaning walls may take several days. On the other hand, piering jobs can take a few weeks. Always inquire about time requirements with your contractor.

Can I fix my foundation myself?

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It is understandable to try to save money when it comes to home repair especially smaller repairs like cracks. However, if you aren't aware of the underlying problem, you will cost yourself more money in the end. It takes a structural engineer to really know how serious the problems are.

What type of product and service warranty do you provide?

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We partner with ECP who make the highest quality of foundation and waterproofing products. Most products have a 25 year warranty; additionally, part of ECP's philosophy is to guarantee assurance against any failure of the product. Our team at Midwest Structural Solutions are trusted contractors who believe in finding solutions.

Do you offer financing?

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Yes! We offer quick rates, loan funds, and fixed monthly payments through Hearth financing. Check out our project financing calculator.

What areas do you serve?

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We are based in Evansville, Indiana but serve the entire tri-state area including southeast Illinois, northeast Kentucky, and southwest Indiana.

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