One Thing Leads to Another: What it Means When Your Windows and Doors Stick

A Sure Sign of Foundation Settlement, Be On the Lookout For Sticking Windows and Doors

We have all heard the phrase “one thing leads to another” and that is very true in the case of sticking windows and doors.  Simply put, if you are having issues with your windows or doors sticking or not lining up, you may be experiencing these problems as a direct result of foundation settlement. What does this mean for you, and what should you do if you are having this problem?

My Windows and Doors are Sticking, is it a Part of a Larger Problem?

Not every situation with sticking windows and doors means that you are experiencing foundation settlement or failure.  For example, during the humid months of the year, it is common to experience this problem.  Humidity causes window and door frames (especially wooden ones) to expand.  This should be a short-term problem, however, so if it continues that is when you should be concerned.  Additionally, the problem could be a simple case of worn-out hinge hardware in need of replacement.  If problems persist, or you are feeling unsure, then it would be wise to contact the professionals at Midwest Structural Solutions for an evaluation.  

Foundation Settlement Leads to Sticking Windows and Doors

At first, you may have noticed small cracks in your foundation that did not seem like a big deal. Some time passes, and now you have noticed that you have windows and doors sticking, and it has been happening for a while. One thing has led to another and now you are facing foundation failure. If your home is built on expansive soils this can happen relatively quickly.  Sticking doors and windows are a sure sign that settlement has escalated.  As the house shifts and settles, the window and door frames bend and become uneven. You may also see diagonal cracks coming from the corners of your window and door frames,

Is it Time for an Evaluation?  

If you have windows and doors that are sticking and have been doing so for some time, we recommend that you contact us for a free 29-point evaluation of your foundation.  At Midwest Structural Solutions, we offer several foundation repair solutions such as Helical Piers or Push Piers that can solve all your foundation issues.  We are a proud contractor with ECP (Earth Contact Products) a leader in the industry of foundation repair equipment.  We have financing options available.  We stand ready to help you achieve the peace of mind of knowing that your foundation is strong and will be for years and years to come.