Causes & Fixes For Sagging Floor Joists

Your home's structural integrity often rests upon a humble yet crucial component: floor joists. These horizontal beams quietly support the weight of your daily life, from bustling family gatherings to the serenity of a peaceful night's sleep. But what happens when these joists begin to sag under the strain of time, gravity, and life's demands? 

What are floor joists?

Floor joists are horizontal framing members typically made of wood or steel that provide structural support for the floors of a building. They run parallel to each other and support the subfloor, which in turn supports the finish flooring.

What causes sagging floor joists?

Sagging floor joists can be more common in older homes, although they can occur in newer constructions as well. Several factors contribute to this phenomenon:

Why are sagging floor joists problematic?

Sagging joists can be problematic for several reasons:

How can floor joists be fixed?

Fixing sagging floor joists typically involves:

At Midwest Structural Solutions, we use crawl space jacks and i-beams as part of our sagging floor joist repair process.

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