Waterproofing With Carbon Fiber Strips

What Are Carbon Fiber Strips?

Similar to  wall anchors, carbon fiber strips help support cracked or bowed walls. In fact, they are designed to work on both poured concrete and block walls. They can be installed on basement or crawl space walls. In fact, this repair system works on large and small cracks, stair stepping cracks in concrete block walls, leaking cracks, and hairline cracks that crack injection alone won’t fix. This system structurally repairs the cracks, stops them from moving, and prevents water from entering the basement.

Far stronger and less bulky than steel, carbon fiber is transforming a broad range of industries, including the waterproofing business. One of the major advantages of using carbon fiber strips in waterproofing is the non-invasive process. Using carbon fiber is a fairly quick process when attempting to fix bowing walls and basement leaks. Typically, homeowners appreciate a fast solution with minimal destruction. In addition, the repairs are nearly invisible after its completed.

Advantages of Carbon Fiber

Failing wall support leads to leaky basements. This is typically caused by soil load and under designed foundations. This means outside pressure is directed towards the middle of the foundation wall.In order to correct this, the wall needs added support so the outside pressure is dispersed throughout the entire wall. The carbon fiber system connects to the footer and protects your foundation against movement. This stabilizes wall structure and prevents any more water from entering.

Advantages of the carbon fiber process Include:

• Known as the strongest wall repair system available

• No deterioration or movement after repair is completed

• Non-invasive process

• Quick, clean installation

• Works on block and poured concrete foundations

• Can be painted to increase potential aesthetic problems with potential home buyers

• Kits available for 8, 9, and 10 foot foundation walls

• Corner repair and individual components also available

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