ECP Wall Anchor Installation: Information and Process

ECP Wall Anchors

Before we begin discussing solutions, why would geo-lock wall anchors need to be installed in the first place? The answer: bowing walls. Understanding the root cause of foundation problems is essential when considering any kind of upgrade-no matter how large or small. With this said, bowing walls can occur for a variety of reasons including large tree roots, poor construction. water pressure, and the age of the structure. Clearly, a very old structural foundation can cause all types of deterioration. So what is the answer for bowing walls? ECP Wall Anchors could be the solution for you. We'd like to share the advantages as well as the installation process for wall anchors for you.

Diagram of an ECP Wall Anchor

Advantages of ECP Anchors

ECP wall anchors have several advantages over other foundation related reinforcements.

Firstly, as mentioned above, when root problems are addressed (age of foundation, water pressure, etc…), these particular anchors can be a permanent solution. Furthermore, they are made with galvanized American steel by ECP - which is an industry leader.  After these anchors have been installed properly, there is a noticeable difference straightaway. For instance, along with some excavation, inserting wall anchors can straighten out walls immediately. In addition, installation is fairly quick and non-invasive, and can be put in any season of the year. This is a definite plus.

Installation Process

Our wall anchors are installed by skilled professionals and these safety precautions and installation steps are taken:

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