Foundation Failure in Aging Homes

Aging homes are charming and have a lot to offer the homeowner. The interior specifications and layouts are often appealing. Often, this is what draws buyers to the home in the first place. Typically, buyers understand they will have to remodel the interior of these aged homes-they are aware of this. On the other hand, home buyers may NOT be aware of the foundation failure issues in aged homes. It is essential to understand the challenges that come with buying a mature home.

Aging Home...Aging Foundation

What is considered an aging home? The consensus seems to be this: if someone built a home over 50 years ago, it is considered ‘older’ by most people in the industry. Furthermore, aged homes have a lot of wear and tear to them. Essentially, they have been around a lot longer, so they need some extra care. More specifically, if the home is aging, so is its foundation.

Why is foundation failure in aging homes so important? This is a great question. Older homes are prone to deep structural cracks, further damaging the slab or perimeter foundation wall. Additionally, other common foundation failures in aging homes include:

Repairing Foundation Failures

The Midwest is filled with all types of aging homes. After all, a home is considered ‘old’ if it was built over 50 years ago. Others would say homes have to be built before 1920 to be considered victorian. Either way, the Midwest is full of them! Midwest Structural Solutions wants to find solutions for your aging foundation! We can come to complete an initial inspection and go from there. Whether your home requires helical tie back anchors, push piers, or helical piers, Midwest Structural Solutions will find a way! All of our foundation products are considered very high quality by industry standards, and will work in older homes and new homes, respectively.

Please Contact Us today for all of your home foundation issues. We look forward to solving any challenges you bring our way!