Why We Partner with ECP

Why ECP products?

You might be wondering, "Why ECP products?". Well, ​Midwest Structural Solutions​ wants what is best for its clients. This means using the best sought-after foundation products in the country. Earth Contact Products (ECP)​ is an industry leader in all things related to structural repairs and foundations. If you are going to fix your foundation, shouldn't you use the most effective products on the market? From American-made steel to industry recycling efforts, ECP continues to portray its core standards: create quality products with efficient service.

What Makes ECP A Leader?

ECP has become one of the largest manufacturers of helical anchors, steel piers, and waterproofing products. The engineering department holds over 18 patents on industry-leading products, and all of the steel is made in America. Furthermore, ECP believes in providing all partners with a timely, affordable, and professional experience. Part of its mission is to improve every aspect of the business continually. The company strives to create lasting and trusting relationships with its partners. Building strong connections is essential for a leader-driven business. Ultimately, ECP seeks to improve things and grow from each experience.

Helical Piers

ECP is known for its quality construction of helical piers. These industry-leading products permanently stabilize your home's foundation and are engineered to perform. More specifically, these piers are mechanically "drilled" through the shifting soil to a stable, load-bearing strata. Then, after the installation has reached the specified depth and verified capacity, a steel foundation bracket is connected to the pier and your home's foundation. This process will sustain even the most frail of foundations. Some highlights of this ECP product are its ease of installation, immediate load transfer upon installation, and ability to have almost no disturbance on the job site.

Push Piers

Respectively, ECP push piers are versatile and can stabilize even the most weakening foundation. ECP patented Steel Piers are today's standard for all piering methods in the foundation repair industry. Furthermore, the eccentric pier is one of the most popular push piers used today. With little to no vibration installation and a 25-year warranty, this foundation product is a top choice for professional foundation repair contractors. Considering its unlimited lift capacity or ability to Install to a Rock or Verified Load Bearing Stratum, ECP push piers are perfect for most foundation-related issues.

Midwest Provides The Best

Midwest Structural Solutions wants what’s best for its clients. This is why we partner with ECP on all foundation related products. Go ahead and ​contact ​us today. We look forward to hearing from you and we look forward to finding solutions to all of your foundation needs.