Fixing a Sinking Foundation with Helical Piers

Do you have an unstable or sinking foundation? This is a serious issue and needs to be fixed sooner than later. A consistent sinking foundation can cause all sorts of issues in your home including (but not limited to) concrete cracks, drive way cracks, wall cracks, sticking doors and windows, bowing walls, stair step cracks, a leaning chimney, and water issues. 

The good news is that helical piers have been around for quite some time.  They are known to be a great solution to foundation related issues. In fact, they are particularly known to work well in a variety of soil elements. This is important to note because foundations are directly influenced by the soil found underneath your home. Helical piers work wonders for a variety of reasons, but their ability to minimally disturb soil is a huge benefit. In addition to this advantage, here are some other benefits of using these steel piers by ECP:

Helical Piers Process

The Process

A helical pier consists of an extendable heavy duty steel tube shafts with screw like helical bearing plates welded to it. These particular piers come in various sizes. Additionally, more plates can be added specific to the load requirements and soil denseness. First, the shafts are screwed downward into the soil until the proper load bearing strata is reached. Furthermore, this process is ideal for light weight structures such as decks, porches, garages, chimneys and single story homes.

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