Concerning Cracks

Cracks Are Signs of Foundation Issues: Settlement, bowing and leaning walls, and a shifting foundation

Wall cracks are a common indicator that something is occurring in the foundation of your home. When wall cracks start to appear in your home, this typically means the foundation is shifting beneath the home.

Most ​cracks are due to foundation settlement issues, bowing and leaning walls, and shifting or moving foundations. All of these problems can lead to cracks, whether these be wall cracks, floor cracks, tile cracks, stair cracks, amongst others. More than likely, cracks occur due what is happening beneath the home. In other words, the quality and texture of soil will dramatically influence the foundation of your home.

Foundation settlement issues​ are typically due to poorly compacted soil. When the soil beneath your foundation can’t handle the pressure load of the property, sinking may occur. Sinking of a foundation leads to numerous problems but wall cracks, and cracks above door frames and windows are often times the effects of a sinking foundation. Sinking foundations can also lead to the sticking of doors and windows, and increase the chances of uneven floors.

If pressure is exerted on the walls from the outside, ​bowing and leaning walls​ will occur. Just like most foundation issues, the soil below plays a huge role in bowing and leaning walls. So when water levels are high, the soil becomes too pressurized (hydrostatic pressure) and will inevitably push in on walls. This is what causes walls to bow or lean. In addition, this pressure then causes cracks which can lead to water leaks.

These water leaks bring on a whole series of problems in the lower levels of our homes including: mold and mildew build up, foul odors, more moisture which leads to critters invading the area, and a decrease in quality air. All of these challenges will eventually take hold of your entire home. This should be avoided.

The challenges following a ​shifting or moving foundation​ is similar to those of foundation settlement and the bowing and leaning of walls. Although with a shifting foundation, the structure doesn’t just sink; instead, it shifts back and forth creating an extremely unstable home.

All foundation issues start from what lies beneath the surface. Please contact us today so we can discuss the common foundation problems that are occurring in your home. We will discuss what the problems are and get to the root cause, whether this be water pooling, clogged gutters, and other challenges that affect the soil beneath our foundation.