What is a Push Pier?

What is a Push Pier? 

A rendering of a concentric push pier - one of the types of push piers we offer.
Push piers are often called "resistance piers" and are an excellent foundation repair solution for foundations that are settling. Push piers are driven deep into the soil to lift and support foundations that are weakened over time due to settlement due to shifting or uncompacted soil beneath a structure. They are a permanent foundation repair solution for both residential homes and businesses.

How do I know if push piers are the right foundation solution for me?

Every foundation settlement issue is different. Settlement can occur over time when soil shifts or moves. Some causes of foundation settlement include:

We always recommend a foundation inspection by a professional to determine if push piers are the right solution for your home or business. We also will recommend the right number of push piers based on the severity of the foundation settlement, the size of the structure, and other factors.

How do I know if I have a problem severe enough for foundation repairs?

This is a GREAT question and we refer you back to the section above. Have a foundation inspection if you suspect foundation problems. As a homeowner you have to keep an eye out for common foundation problems such as cracks, gaps, sticking doors and windows, musty odors, leaks, mold, and more. Read our section on common problems and it will help you determine if you need to make a call to get help. If you live in the Wabash County Area, we are proud to offer a 29 point foundation inspection! We are located in Evansville, Indiana and serve a large portion of the tri-state area for foundation repairs. We can help determine IF you have a problem and also if Push Piers are the right solution for your needs. Give us a call today or fill out our form to get started.