I-beams offer wall stabilization and support

For basement walls exhibiting signs of bowing or inward movement, Midwest Structural Solutions may use an I-beam to serve as wall reinforcement.

I-beams, also known as steel I-beams or steel girders, are structural components made of steel in the shape of the letter “I.” They are characterized by their distinctive shape, which provides exceptional strength and load-bearing capacity.

In foundation repair, I-beams are commonly used to stabilize and support foundations that have experienced structural issues, such as bowing or shifting. An I-beam may be installed horizontally against the affected wall. 

The I-beam acts as a reinforcement, distributing the external pressure and preventing further bowing. It provides crucial support to counteract the forces acting on the weakened wall, stabilizing the foundation and preventing further structural damage.

Here's how I-beams are used:

It's important to note that the specific application of I-beams in foundation repair may vary depending on the unique circumstances of each project. A professional assessment and engineering expertise are crucial to determine the most effective approach for each individual case.

For more information about I-beams, or to find the foundation repair solution right for your home, talk to the experts at Midwest Structural Solutions.