Basement Wall Pushback

Recently, Midwest Structural Solutions completed a job that found solutions with waterproofing, window installation, and their basement wall pushback system.  This basement needed a lot of work due to basic foundation issues and outdated waterproofing. However, our team confidently provided solutions that will permanently fix the structural problems of this home.

Why Basement Wall Pushback?

Because of the soils in the ground, hydrostatic pressure increases and can cause your foundation walls to bow or buckle inward. This drastically decreases the structural integrity of your home and could eventually cause the walls to completely collapse. So, are your basement walls closing in on you? Leaning, tilting, and bowing walls can lead to serious problems, so it is vital to pushback on this structural issue sooner than later. Unfortunately, if you wait too long, you may have to replace the entire wall. Let’s avoid this.

Our ECP Steel I-Beams are an excellent choice to amend this serious foundation issue. When done correctly, with professionals, stabilizing basement walls is quite a reliable method. In fact, “The method involves anchoring the beam to the floor joist above and then hydraulically pushing at the bottom of the beam until it rests flush against the wall.” One of the advantages of this basement pushback system is that it brings the wall back to its original position.

What Causes Basement Instability?

There are several reasons why a basement's foundation and walls become vulnerable. Most would suggest that oversaturation from precipitation is the culprit. Overtime, whether it is because of rainy spring weather, or the melting of winter snow and ice, without proper waterproofing things can go south very quickly. And we literally mean, South-into the basement. This causes all sorts of problems which is why it is so important to contact a foundation specialist to help in these situations. Basement instability leads to bigger issues. Call Us Today so we can come out and take a look.